From idea to formulation, to branding to distribution, to sales to exit: the entire innovation lifecycle.



While doing some strategic work for a small soda company based in Atlanta, we discovered what we thought was a big opportunity. Every energy drink sounded crazy (Amp, Full Throttle, Rockstar, Monster) and targeted the same testosterone-fueled male market. It seemed like there was an opportunity to move the category from wild to mild, and create an energy drink for the rest of us. The folks in Atlanta were intrigued, but passed.



We did not pass. The opportunity seemed too good, so we figured out how to be an energy drink company. We designed a brand we all loved, and we got our hands dirty. From formulation to manufacturing to distribution to marketing to sales, we did it all. And we did it all pretty darn well.



After running the company within the walls of our shop for five years, we sold Sunshine to private equity two years ago. We still do some work when needed (like designing the cans for Sunshine sparkling waters), but mostly we sit on the sidelines and admire what we were able to build.